Larry Nulton

I am a huge Rainbow fan and could never be satisfied with anything other than a Rainbow. I have owned one for many years and am totally satisfied.

Tom Wright

Mr Ray

I was very impressed by your answers to my questions when you came out a week or so ago. I wish I had 3 like you and I could replace my 20 salespeople. Your command of the language and ability to service the sweeper quickly demonstrates your commitment to your product and your company. I wanted to leave you a review but your website does not give me that option. Just know that my fiancé and I appreciate your help.

Debora Popovitch

Please disregard my previous survey. I did not notice that the stars were there.


Rainbow is an outstanding product. I purchased mine in August of 2007 and it still runs today the same as it did on day one. I purchased the machine mainly due to my allergies – total difference in quality of life. I am always complimented on how clean my home is and it really takes no effort due to the Rainbow system. Ray, the local dealer, has been dropped in to look at and service the machine over the years on several occasions. Good guy to work with. Thanks!

Benjamin Kozub

Rainbow ray was so awesome. He got along with everyone in out household and was very polite. He pitched us on his machine in the most professional way. He was funny and charismatic and he was a guest in our home, who is welcome back anytime.

Teresa & Kevin Adams

Rainbow Ray was awesome!

Adeline Harshman

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I have known Michael Wolfe for over 10 years. I have purchased several Rainbow Cleaning Systems from him, and whenever they were in need of cleaning or repair, it was Mr.Wolfe I called. It has been a pleasure doing business with Mr.Wolfe because he is very reputable and reliable. You can be certain if he tells you something, he stands behind it. He puts himself in your situation, and goes out of his way to be very accommodating to his customers. Hydro Dynamics should be very proud to have someone like Michael representing them. He is professional, considerate, and above all the customer comes first. Thank you, Mr.Wolfe

Stewart Alexander

Have known Ray for years he has always been courteous and helpful.