How to post on FACEBOOK

1. Text script to customers cell phone number.

2. Copy text (hold down on words with finger until copy pops up)

3. Go to camera on customers cell phone. …Take a picture of happy customer holding gift and giving you the thumbs up!

4. Go to Facebook App and click “What’s on your mind.”

5. Add picture you just took of happy customer.

6. Hold down with your finger on the part that your supposed to type about the picture you are posting and “PASTE” will pop up. Go ahead and paste in your script.

7. On the right hand top corner click the “share or post” and it will post.

8. Repeat procedure on Spouse’s Facebook page.

9. Ask them if they use the NEXTDOOR APP. Post to NEXTDOOR also. …

First day of training re-post Facebook posts along with spouses

Use fast start sheet

When do they get a link?

Original post leads get transferred.

From Instant Set appointment.

When should they be able to access the leads?

Put it on their phone.

Teach them how to qualify the leads.

Key points for Facebook

After posting on Facebook you could ask 3 questions

  1. Who do you now who is a germaphobe?
  2. Who do you know who is Obsessive Compulsive about cleaning or has OCD?
  3. Who do you know who thinks they are just about dying from allergies?

Add comments with these names on Facebook.