Rainbow Cleaning Systems has been providing customers with quality Rainbow Cleaning Systems and accessories for over 30 years. We carry all Rainbow models, both new and fully reconditioned. No matter what your favorite Rainbow model is, we can get it for you. Enjoy our wide selection of new and reconditioned Rainbows, all available complete with hoses, power nozzle, wands and tools. You can always find the right Rainbow for your needs and your budget with us! Remember, all reconditioned Rainbow Systems come with a full warranty, including parts and labor.

We don’t just sell you a Rainbow and drop it off or ship it to you; we install it in front of you so you can get the best use for cleaning every part of your home, including the air you breathe. We want you to get the most out of your Rainbow for years to come. We also have financing available to make affording your Rainbow even easier.
Rainbow vacuum unit

All Vacuum Models Warrantied
All our vacuums are backed by warranties, as well as years of development and research to ensure peak performance in your home. We also offer services and repairs for all Rainbow vacuum models that we sell, all supported by us and Rexair LLC. Our team is available for service calls to your home to fix any problems.

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